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Financial Dictionary.

This is a browseable and searchable reference tool for terminology relating to UK-based personal finance and financial products.
You can browse alphabetically, or search for a specific term.
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Recent Financial Topics


Experts have warned prospective home buyers to start their search by the end of the month to avoid missing out on the benefits of the stamp duty holiday.

Should you rush to buy a home before the stamp duty deadline or will it cost you more?
21/10/2020 05:48 AM

In July last year we hired a car with Europcar from Montpellier airport in France. A couple of days later we were involved in an accident leaving a motorway péage (toll booth).

Europcar made us wait a year for our money after we were rammed
21/10/2020 05:29 AM

Investors piled into stocks and shares Isas in the three months to June, to take advantage of a stock market rebound, and shunned rock-bottom savings rates.

Savers plough cash into stocks and shares Isas 
21/10/2020 04:46 AM