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Recent Financial Topics


The group will publish a plan to increase diversity at the highest levels and disclose the ethnicity pay gap within two years as part of the CBI's Change the Race Ratio campaign.

ITV, KPMG and Diageo are among 20 top firms in race pledge
25/10/2020 08:02 PM

It bought GL Hearn in a deal worth up to £30m in 2015. Bosses said it would be a 'transformative' addition to the company - but it is now thought the firm will fail to recoup its investment.

Outsourcer Capita accused of destroying property firm
25/10/2020 05:58 PM

They predict a GDP crash this winter. George Buckley, from Nomura, said the UK would experience a 'lopsided W-shaped recovery' with a 'second, smaller dip in GDP over the winter'.

Britain on brink of double-dip recession due to Covid
25/10/2020 05:50 PM