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This site contains many useful Online Financial Calculators for different aspects of personal financial planning.
Some of these tools are of a more specialised nature, therefore more geared towards use by professional advisors.
Click on the 'calculators' link to view the list of calculators by category. Please note: the information and tools contained in this website are of a generic nature. No recommendations are made with regard to the suitability of any financial product or course of action. If in doubt, seek professional financial advice.

Recent Financial Topics


If I am named as paying the inheritance tax on my ex-boyfriend's estate in his old will, can I refuse on the grounds we split up 19 years ago?

My ex-boyfriend plans to leave me his £2m estate and I'm worried about a huge inheritance tax bill
21/05/2024 05:18 AM

My insurance broker said I was not covered for driving home from a train station because my policy did not cover commuting.

My insurer said driving from a station is commuting - and refused my claim
21/05/2024 05:14 AM

New legislation delivers 'the most comprehensive legal framework of its kind worldwide' for the safe deployment of self-driving vehicles in Britain, says the DfT.

Self-driving cars 'on Britain's roads by 2026' as Automated Vehicle Act becomes law
21/05/2024 05:03 AM