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Financial Dictionary.

This is a browseable and searchable reference tool for terminology relating to UK-based personal finance and financial products.
You can browse alphabetically, or search for a specific term.
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Recent Financial Topics


The company's net inflows remained flat at £0.1bn, but a £2bn markets improvement boosted total assets under management to £109.5bn, up from £107.4bn at the end June.

Wealth manager Quilter sees assets rise by £2bn thanks to markets recovering
21/10/2020 06:16 AM

Property experts have warned prospective home buyers to start their search by the end of the month latest to avoid missing out on a saving from the stamp duty holiday.

Should you buy a home in the stamp duty holiday or will it cost you more?
21/10/2020 06:08 AM

In July last year we hired a car with Europcar from Montpellier airport in France. A couple of days later we were involved in an accident leaving a motorway péage (toll booth).

Europcar made us wait a year for our money after we were rammed
21/10/2020 05:29 AM