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This is a browseable and searchable reference tool for terminology relating to UK-based personal finance and financial products.
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Definition: The monetary amount of contributions (which can be monthly, annually or single) that are made into an insurance, investment, or pension contract by the policyholder. The term 'premiums' is generally used to define payments into contracts where the benefits are not tangible or immediately realisable. Another definition of 'premium' is used in the context of Investment Trusts, when share price of a specific trust is trading at a higher price than the value of its underlying assets (i.e. its investment holdings).

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Pizza Express has said it could close around 67 of its UK restaurants, with up to 1,100 jobs at risk, as part of a major restructuring plan.

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Vertical farming works by growing fruits and vegetables in vertically stacked layers that takes place in a controlled environment, often without the use of soil and instead the use of light energy.

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