Use this tool to calculate the effect of using Flexi-Access Drawdown to generate pension income.
(Many of the dropdown boxes contain the most common options, but can be overwritten with alternative values by clicking on the x and over typing the values)
Total Value of Pension Funds to be used (£)
Take 25% of the funds as a Tax-Free Lump Sum ?
Initial Fees (Expressed as a percentage of your pension funds) / Set-Up Charges
Ongoing Annual Fees (Expressed as a percentage of your pension funds) / Annual Administration Charges
Annual Increase in Annual Administration Charges (if applicable)
Average Annual Management Charge (AMC) of investment funds
Rate of investment fund growth (% per annum)
Number of years of retirement to calculate

Specify how you plan to take withdrawals

Fixed Percentage of fund each year (% per annum)
Fixed Monetary Amount each year (£ per annum)
Level of escalation (increase) to the income each year (% per annum)
Or Add Different Fixed Withdrawals for specific years